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Premier Inn – The Bridesmaid’s Tale

Music Track: Mundian To Bach Ke

Music Artist: Panjabi MC

Premier Inn - The Bridesmaid's Tale
Another Moon and Stars Production Premier Inn advert has hit our screens. The advert continues the ‘movie trailer’ style with credits introducing what is featured and starred at the Premier Inn…

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Premier Inn – Pedal Squad

Music Track: Hate To Say I Told You So

Music Artist: The Hives

Premier Inn - Pedal Squad
This latest advert by Premier Inn called Pedal Squad features four cycling superheroes. The ‘Moon

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Premier Inn – The Presentation

Music Track: Whip It

Music Artist: Devo

Premier Inn - The Presentation
Continuing their “TV series opening credits” feel, Premier Inn showcase the services of their hotels from the viewpoint of a business

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Premier Inn – Scaffolders

Music Track: Danger Zone

Music Artist: Kenny Loggins

Premier Inn - Scaffolders
Premier Inn’s latest TV advert features a group of scaffolders in a movie trailer themed ad promoting all the characteristics

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