Nasty Gal Advert Music – Paradise Found

Here’s the latest Nasty Gal advert titled ‘Paradise Found – Resort’ which invites viewers to dream of warmer, sunnier climates.

In the ad we see a young woman modelling the fashion retailer’s exclusive collection of dusk-to-dawn beachwear. Featuring everything from jersey fabrics and casual pieces to essential swim, Nasty Gal has everything a woman needs for a holiday in the sun..

Nasty Gal Advert Music 2022
Woman modelling Nasty Gal’s summer-wear

The music in the Nasty Gal advert

Music: Kissed By Thunder | Artist : Elliot Holmes

The trumpet music in the new Nasty Gal advert is a song called “Kissed By Thunder” released in 2015 by Elliot Holmes’ Sweden-based music company ‘Epidemic Sound’. Listen to the full track on this YouTube video:

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