M&S Christmas Advert Music 2022 – Gifts that give

Here is the M&S Christmas Advert for 2022 titled ‘Gifts that gave’ that tells viewers ‘When you give – it means we can, too’. This is because M&S are supporting community causes this Christmas by donating £1 million to the Neighbourly Foundation.

The commercial begins with a boy in his bed on Christmas morning eagerly wafting for his alarm clock to go off at 7am. The boy then rushes in to give a present to his mum. It’s a homemade ‘lie in voucher’ complete with eye cover mask.

With the joyful music by Harry Styles building, we then see families sharing various gifts from M&S to each other. A voice-over of a boy says “From city farms to local choirs, this Christmas the gifts you give help us to support community causes near you”.

The music in the M and S Christmas 2022 advert

Song: Treat People With Kindness
Artist: Harry Styles
Album: Fine Line
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2019

The music in the M&S Christmas 2022 advert is a song called ‘Treat People With Kindness’ by British singer-songwriter Harry Styles. The track is taken from his second studio album Fine Line.

The song features background vocals from the New York indie-pop band Lucius. The track was eventually released in January 2021 as the album’s sixth single.

Listen to the full song on Styles’ official music video: