Expedia – I Don’t Know Why I Love You

Expedia have launched this new TV advert featuring the song ‘I Don’t Know Why’. The ad shows a woman using her smartphone to book everything her family needs for their holiday.

This includes flights, windows seats, laundry service and last but not least, a pet-friendly hotel. The commercial uses the tagline “Everything your trip needs, for everyone you love.”

The music in the advert

Music: (I Don’t now Why) But I Do | Artist : Clarence “Frogman” Henry

The music in the new 2020 Expedia advert is the 1961 song “(I Don’t now Why) But I Do recorded by American rhythm and blues singer Clarence “Frogman” Henry.

The song was written by Paul Gayton and Robert Guidry reached number three in the UK Singles Chart and number four on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song features the lyrics “I don’t know why I love ya like I do. I don’t know why I just do”.