Currys Advert 2021 Music – Who Needs Experts?

This 2021 Currys advert titled “Who Needs Experts?” shows us how the words “I got this” are the three most dangerous words in the English language. The ad is set to the sound of some music from an early 80’s concept album.

The commercial shows us a plethora of home videos where some DIY jobs go horribly wrong. From chain sawing a tree in the back garden (unprotected) to botched plumbing jobs, improvised hair cutting and falling through ceilings. Many people up and down the country can probably relate to trying to take on a job as an amateur.

We even see someone taping up their car’s exhaust tail pipe, a man blowing a fuse with his electric drill and two boys trying to hold a washing machine still as it spins!

The message in the commercial is clear, Currys are inviting customers to speak to their highly trained experts in-store or on 24-7 online video chat.

This campaign comes from the UK’s largest electrical retailer as they unveil a major re-organisation of their brands. Currys PC World, Dixons Carphone, Carphone Warehouse, Team Knowhow are all to become one superbrand under the name Currys.

The music in the Currys 2021 advert?

Music: Waltzinblack | Artist : The Stranglers

The music in the background of the new 2021 Currys advert is a song called ‘Waltzinblack’ recorded in 1981 by English rock band The Stranglers. The song features on their fifth album ‘The Gospel According to the Meninblack’. This was a concept album exploring religion and the “supposed” connection between religious phenomena and extra-terrestrial visitors.

“Waltzinblack” became an adopted theme by English celebrity TV chef Keith Floyd.

Listen to the full song on this YouTube video:

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