Celebrity Cruises – Isn’t It Time?

This new advert by Celebrity Cruises invites viewers to “awaken a journey full of wonder” and discover the world again.

The ad asks “How many precious moments have we missed? Isn’t it time to see the world again, to see each other safely? The way we deserve to be treated”.

The commercial builds as we are shown spectacular destinations, beautiful islands and fabulous cruise ship entertainment and amenities.

The music in the Celebrity Cruises advert

Music: What A Wonderful World (cover) | Artist : Reuben and the dark x AG

The music in the 2021 Celebrity Cruises advert is a cover version of the song “What A Wonderful World” first recorded in 1967 by American trumpeter and vocalist Louis Armstrong.

The song was written by American producer Bob Thiele (as “George Douglas”) and songwriter George David Weiss.

The haunting version of the song in the advert is performed by Canadian indie folk band Reuben and The Dark x AG released in 2019.

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