Burger King – The Moldy Whopper

This graphic Burger King advert titled “The Moldy Whopper” features a music from cover version of a 1959 classic song.

In the commercial, viewers are exposed to the effects of leaving their Whopper burger in the open air day-by-day with a time-laps close-up video. When we reach day 34, the moldy burger is most definitely not an appealing sight

The message in this Burger King advert is clear. Burger King do use any artificial preservatives in their burgers. One could argue that this advert is a marketing risk given that subconsciously, viewers will remember the image of Burger King’s moldy burger more so than the intended message of the advert.

The music in the advert

Music: What a Diff’rence a Day Makes (Cover) | Artist : Dinah Washington

The music in the Burger King Moldy Burger advert is a cover version of the popular song “What a Diff’rence a Day Makes” which was written in Spanish by Mexican songwriter María Grever in 1934. An English adaptation was first recorded in the same year with lyrics written by American songwriter Stanley Adams and played by British dance band member Harry Roy & his orchestra.

Other notable versions include recordings by American singers Dinah Washington (1959), Ben E. King (1962), Aretha Franklin (1964) and Esther Phillips (1975).

The version in this Burger King advert however is not commercially available but does sound very similar to the Dinah Washington and Aretha Franklin versions.

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