Audi A3 Advert – What a time to be an Audi

A newly released advert by Audi promotes the new Audi A3. The commercial titled ‘What a time to be an Audi’ features music by Ace Marino. The short commercial lists some great achievements by humankind such as flying to Mars, robots cleaning apartments and rockets learning to land.

Then, the advert immediately lists some features of the Audi A3 in the same breath. Features mentioned are reactive high beams to prevent dazzling other drivers and the fact that the car ‘adapts to your mood’.

The music in the Audi A3 advert

Music: Communication | Artist : Ace Marino

The music in the 2020 Audi A3 advert is a song called Communication released in 2017 by Californian musician Ace Marino.

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