AA Red Dwarf – Stellar Rescue

This Red Dwarf advert by the AA titled ‘Stellar Rescue’ brings us a short episode of the popular 90s British comedy franchise. The commercial brings us all the familiar characters namely Lister, Rimmer, Kryten and Cat who are experiencing problems with their spaceship.

They attempt to find a futile solution when Lister says “Guys relax, I’m with the AA” and pulls out his mobile. He uses the AA app to request assistance and explains that he can even track them to know they are on their way. A futuristic flying AA van then comes to the rescue.

The music in the AA advert

Music: Red Dwarf Theme | Artist : Howard Goodall feat. Jenna Russell

The music in the AA Red Dwarf advert towards the end is the closing Red Dwarf Theme tune which was written and performed by English composer Howard Goodall with vocals provided by English actress and singer Jenna Russell.

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