Boohoo Advert Music- Breaking News

The music in this Boohoo advert is taken from a song by Egozi. This is a new commercial for Valentines day titled ‘Breaking News’. The advert features various female models showcasing the online fashion retailer’s latest range of lingerie and dresses. We don’t see any celebrity appearances in this 2020 advert unlike the Boohoo’s 2018 advert starring Gemma Collins.

The ad which takes on the look of a televised breaking news story says that “2020 is officially the year of YOU”.

The music in the advert

Music: Parody | Artist : Egozi

The music in the 2020 Boohoo advert is a song called “Parody” recorded by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Egozi. The track was released last year by the hip-hop producer. The lyrics from the song (and heard in the advert) are…

“Do you think it’s meant to be?
‘Cause I feel like letting go
Can you spare some energy?
My battery is pretty low

And so again, we end up blamin’ everyone
Just like we do
We blow up steam until we’re done
Nothing to gain
No we’re not foolin’ anyone
Needless to say
It’s yours until it’s gone”

Parody can be downloaded from Amazon Music

Boohoo Advert Music - Parody by Egozi on Amazon Music