IKEA – Silence The Critics

This IKEA Christmas 2019 advert titled ‘Silence The Critics’ features a family at home who’s ornaments around the house come alive and begin criticising the state of the house. We hear them sing the lyrics “this place is a mess” and “this table’s older than the Pyramids, at least it’s younger than the mirror is”.

The family decide to make some changes and replace old furniture and fittings. They silence the critics and make their home for for Christmas.

The music in this ad has taken the country by storm as the Swedish furniture brand decides to enter in to the Grime genre. Thanks to this commercial, Grime has been brought to the masses.

The harsh and critical lyrics along with brilliantly animated ornaments have created the perfect tongue-in-cheek Christmas ad that viewers have come to love and laugh at every time it airs.

The music in the advert

Music: Fresh N Clean (Silence The Critics) | Artist : D Double E

The music in the IKEA Christmas 2019 advert is a songs called “Fresh N Clean (Silence the Critics)” written by English Grime MC D Double E (real name Darren Dixon). The song was produced and recorded by UK duo Star One.

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