Ralph Lauren – Every Moment is a Gift

The latest Ralph Lauren advert for 2019 shows friends and families reuniting for the Holiday season as they prepare to spend Christmas together.

The commercial highlights that moments spent with family are the moments that bring us closer to home. These are the moments that matter most becuase “Every moment is a gift.”

The ad features emerging model Phillip Bread and his family, actor Matt Dallas with his musician husband Blue Hamilton and their son, model Taylor Hill and her family, artist Damian Loeb, model Zoya Loeb and their children, and model George Okeny, his partner Yanii Gough, and their son Zola.

The music in the advert

Music: Homecoming | Artist : Josh Ritter

The music in the 2019 Ralph Lauren Christmas advert is a 2015 song called ‘Homecoming’ recorded by American singer-songwriter Josh Ritter. The song featuring the lyrics “I feel a change in the weather, I feel a change in me. The days are getting shorter and the birds begin to leave. Even me, yes, yes, y’all. Who’s been so long alone. I’m headed home”. fits perfectly with the message of this advert. The track was released as the second single from Josh Ritter’s eigth studio album “Sermon on the Rocks”. The song also received attention after being featured in the season 2 finale of Showtime’s American television drama Billions.

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