JD Sports – Christmas 2019 Advert

JD Sports have released this Christmas 2019 advert titled #JDComesAlive. The ad stars professional footballers Jesse Lingard, Virgil can Dyke and Wilfried Zaha.

We also see presenter Maya Jama and English singer and songwriter Anne-Marie. The commercial begins with the celebrities appearing to make mannequin poses in a JD Sports store overnight. They suddenly come alive and show off some of the sportswear available from the sports-fashion retailer. Halfway through the ad, a worker is seen and the celebs freeze before springing back in to action to a different music track.

The music in the advert

Music: Commissioned | Artist : Commissioned

The music used in the JD Sports Christmas 2019 Advert is currently unknown and was likely recorded especially for the advert. There are two songs in the commercial and both fall in to this category.