The first impression is everything. In marketing especially, the importance of visuals can never be overemphasized. In particular, when it comes to real estate, video is king! This is why you should always invest in good commercial songs when marketing real estate.

So, whether you are seeking to dispose of private or commercial spaces, the right song will go a long way in getting your prospective clients in a good headspace and hopefully, much more predisposed to sealing the deal.

As you may have noticed, the best commercial songs tend to be unique. One might even say they almost seem ‘tailored’ for the commercial at hand. So eloquently do they put the message across that the viewer is mentally transported to the blissful spaces on offer.

In this article, we look at the best songs for commercial real estate that are recently on offer and tell you why we find them ideal.

  1. So far away by Audiocalm

The cellists in this song are powerful and pull you in right from the start. They effortlessly create a mood that inspires serenity and calmness in the listener. It is a tune particularly suitable for elegant private real estate listings with a modern feel to them. For the realtors that aim for sophisticated clients with expensive tastes, this composition delivers beautifully. It speaks of the traditional and time-honoured classic Victorian dwellings with a hint of modernity thrown in.

  1. Getting to success by Alexander Lisenkov

A melody that reflects the spirit of success as stated in the name of the song. The mood it generates makes this one ideal for those listings which aim to tap into their prospective clients’ sense of accomplishment and upward mobility. For future owners of such listings, this song packs all these nuances and is the perfect theme song for penthouses, middle to upper-class homes and office spaces for the upwardly mobile niche market.

It inspires that feel-good spirit and gears us for future success while celebrating our current milestones.

  1. Postmodern breeze by Erick McNerney

For the realtor and travel agents who wish to advertise a listing that carries a sense of adventure to it, then this is your song. Full of a wondrous spirit, the acoustics in this musical arrangement always has the listener marvelling at the revealed wonders yet having a sense that the is ‘more in store.’

When coupled with great visuals, it is a tune that guarantees to keep your viewer enthralled by what is on offer. And isn’t rapt attention what we all aim for when marketing? In other words, it promises to deliver a message of infinite possibilities to your viewers.

  1. Just Having Fun Yoav Alyagon

Upbeat melody ideal for playful, bouncy and colorful spaces. Its acoustics, which are a perfect mix of whistling, clapping and xylophone sounds transport you to that carefree environment where your spirits lift and wander free.

A video with these sounds encourages the listener to leave their worries behind and simply have fun! It would be the most fitting arrangement for listings that are likely to feature restaurants, children’s spaces, fun spots and recreational spaces. Even for a commercial to promote a betting website about football future odds.

  1. Kids are playing by Beepcode

This composition is a masterful arrangement of upbeat notes perfect for that piece of middle class suburban real estate. The dynamic melody compliments the family theme that all suburban real estate aspires to have. The lively upbeat yet warm tempo of the tune assures that your marketing video will be far from dull or boring, but rather, will appeal to the family-minded segment of the market.

  1. Happy Little Birds by Mike Nowa

Talk of the perfect melody for a country listing! This composition brings to mind cowboy boots, bundles of hay, horse riding and the romanticism of country life. It has a sunny disposition that has always had historic and unending appeal. Country houses and rustic yet warm log cabins come to mind when you listen to this arrangement.

  1. Here With Me by AGmusic

For listings comprised of holiday homes, vacation homes and getaway spaces, this romantic composition by the prolific composer, AGmusic is set to bring your imagination to life. It inspires thoughts of a tranquil setting, beset with beautiful sunsets, gorgeous beaches and tons of sand. The arrangement also seamlessly fits in just as easily with cosy secluded mountain vacation homes.

So, whether you are gunning for clients within the corporate setting or residential real estate, these tunes are great for realtors who wish to inspire their clients with storytelling.

What’s even better, is that they can be sourced from Royalty-Free Music, meaning you only need to purchase a one-off license and enjoy the use of the music for as long as you desire.