Nissan Juke – The Coupé Crossover

This new advert by Nissan promotes the Next Generation 2019 Juke which boasts integrated Google Assistant technology.

The advert video shows a man using Google Home Voice Assistant to notify his Nissan Juke by saying “Okay Google, send work destination to Juke”. He then calmly sits on his sofa and is sent plummeting down in futuristic Batcave style down to his Juke. He then proceeds in the Coupé Crossover SUV to the urban streets towards his workplace. A voice-over says “This is how driving should be”.

The music in the advert

Music: Loyal | Artist : Odesza

The music in the new 2019 Next Generation Nissan Juke advert is an electro-dance song called “Loyal” released in 2018 by American electronic music duo Odesza (Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight). Watch the official YouTube video below.

The music can also be downloaded from Amazon Music or iTunes.

Download track on iTunes  Download track on Amazon Music