Coca-Cola Tongue – Magic of Coke Taste

Coca-Cola have released this new advert for 2019 titled “Magic of Coke Taste”. The strange advert shows a woman taking a drink of Coke. The camera view is from within her mouth After drinking, we get a view of a giant tongue guiding the woman back through her most magical experiences. These vary from a skiing trip, a rainy day in the city, to a sunny beach, watching a movie at the cinema, a surprise party, and a bungee jump!

The music in the advert

Music: La La La | Artist : Mr Pape

The music in the Coca-Cola Magic of Coke Taste advert is a song called “La La La” by an artist called Mr Pape. The song however is not commercially released for download. The track can be watched on media streaming services though.