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Apple Watch Series 4 – Flight Commercial

This TV commercial for the Apple Watch series 4 called “Flight” demonstrates the feeling of freedom that Apple Watch users with the cellular connectivity of the smartwatch. In the impressive video, a women goes for a for a run while wearing her Apple Watch in typical windy British weather. Suddenly a gust of wind lifts her up in to the sky until she reaches above the clouds. After a brief panic, she manages to steady herself and performs various dance moves in the sky. She then nosedives in to a lake where throughout all of this the watch stays connected..

The music in the Apple Flight advert

Music: Breathe | Artist: Son Lux

The ethereal piano music in the Apple Watch Series 4 advert 2019 is a track called “Breathe” by American experimental band Son Lux. The song is taken from their 2016 EP Stranger Forms.

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