Apple Watch Series 4 – Hokey Pokey

Apple promote the all new Apple Watch Series 4 with this ad illustrating how the device is inspiring people everywhere to be more active, healthy, and connected. “That’s what it’s all about” says the with background music from Ray Anthony’s The Hokey Pokey.

The music in the advert

Music: The Hokey Pokey (The Avalanches Remix) | Artist: Ray Anthony and his Orchestra

The music in the advert is a remix of the early 1950’s version of The Hokey Cokey (UK) also known as The Hokey Pokey (USA) by American jazz and swing musician Ray Anthony (and his orchestra). The participation dance originates from a British folk dance with known variants dating back to 1826. Other popular hit versions were released in the 1980s by The Snowmen and Black Lace.

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