Apple iPhone X – Unlock

Another iPhone X ad from Apple this time showing a girl at school who uses the FaceID feature of her iPhone only to discover that this ‘power’ extends to other objects around her. This brilliant analogy of the phone’s now feature is depicted with the girl unlocking everything from combination locks to worktops and cupboards as she walks through the school corridors and classrooms.

The music in the advert

Music: Bang Bang (RD Burman Cover)| Artist: Pete Cannon

The music in the ad is called Bang Bang and was produced by Indian film score composer RD Burman for a 1980 Indian Bollywood film called ‘The Burning Train’. The question over who should be credited for the Apple advert has been a contentious issue after Pete Cannon claimed the music was his own work on Twitter causing a backlash. Pete did produce this version for the ad however and is available to download from the links below.

Download track on iTunes  Download track on Amazon Music