Audi – Clowns

Music Track: Send In The Clowns

Music Artist: Lisa Hannigan & David Kosten

This advert by Audi featuring clowns wreaking havoc on the streets illustrates how Audi’s safety features keep you out of trouble. The clown theme seems to be sticking around in the media what with last year’s scary clown copycats epidemic and more recently with the re-release of Stephen King’s IT horror movie. Wisely, Audi have chosen to go for the innocent circus clown look rather than the scary horror variety. The music in the advert is a cover version of Stephen Sondheim’s Send In The Clowns which was written for the 1973 musical A Little Night Music, The cover version by Lisa Hannigan & David Kosten is not currently available. We have provided a link to the most popular 1975 version however by Judy Collins.

Download Judy Collins version on iTunes

Download Judy Collins version from Amazon

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Martin Davies
Martin Davies
2 years ago

Send in the clowns was written by Sondheim especially for my 2nd cousin, Glynis John’s who starred in the show when it opened on Broadway. The song suited Glynis’s distinctive voice. She won an Emmy for her role.

3 years ago

Do audi know how many people are terrified of clowns and this is a serious condition. I think this advert is very irresponsible.