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Robinsons – Refresh’d

Robinsons Drinks have launched this advert promoting their new fruity drink Refresh’d. The advert featuring a very long straw that stretches from a city to the country has been launched in time for the summer. Robinsons claim that the drink has pure spring water with a dash of fruity juice and they have avoided anything artificial.

The music in the advert

Music: Going Up The Country | Artist: In The Burrows

The music in the advert is a cover of the 1968 song Going Up The Country by Canned Heat. This version is performed by In The Burrows and is available for download.

Download track on iTunes  Download track on Amazon Music

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2 years ago

Perfect visual demonstration of how straws destroy growing plants, choke trees and end up in the ocean. Also, of how the person using the straw at one end is oblivious of what happens to it at the other end.

Elizabeth Dickens
Elizabeth Dickens
2 years ago

When there is such a big push to eliminate single use plastic, you feature the longest straw ever in your advert. Gross stupidity or just ignorance, can’t decide.

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