Magic Radio – Love That Song

Music Track 1: Don’t Leave Me This Way, The Communards | iTunes | Amazon Music
Music Track 2: Take On Me, A-ha | iTunes | Amazon Music
Music Track 3: Rio, Duran Duran | iTunes | Amazon Music

Magic Radio have launched a new TV ad saying that they play more of the songs you love. With the slogan Love That Song, three popular 80’s tracks are played during this advert. Namely Don’t Leave Me This Way by the Communards, the unmistakable Take On Me by A-ha and finally, Duran Duran’s Rio.

Magic Radio originated as a regional AM station in 1990 for regions in Northern England. In London, Melody FM was rebranded Magic 105.4 in 1998.



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2 years ago

Do you name of the girl in this advert. My daughter minsists she recognises her but doesn’t know from where!

4 years ago

I am eternally grateful for this post – this has been bugging me for days!!

UK TV Advert Admin
UK TV Advert Admin
Reply to  Anon
4 years ago

Glad to be of service Anon. Don’t forget to like and share our Facebook page. 🙂