Vauxhall – Yes, It’s an Astra

In this 2016 Vauxhall advert, a voice-over says “Yes..” followed by a whole host of features in the new Astra. This includes superfast 4G wi-fi, super bright LED matrix lights and a host of great reviews. The ad concludes with the voice saying ‘Yes it’s a new Astra’.

The music in the Yes, it’s an Astra advert

Song: Oh My God | Artist: Kaiser Chiefs

The music in this “Yes, it’s an Astra’ advert is the 2005 song “Oh My God” recorded by British indoe-rock band The Kaiser Chiefs.

The song was originally released in 2004 as a debut single for the band however it only reached number 66 on the UK Singles Chart. The track was re-released along with their debut album “Employment” enjoying more success peaking at number 6 on the UK Singles Chart in 2005.

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