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Vauxhall – Trade Up

Music: The Four Seasons: Summer | Artist : Antonio Vivaldi

Vauxhall - Trade Up

In this TV advert by Vauxhall, the British car brand promotes it’s scrappage and exchange offer “Vauxhall Trade Up”. The commercial features Lord Darcy Mandeville who has just sold his supercar

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Vauxhall – Yes, It’s an Astra

Music Track: Oh My God

Music Artist: Kaiser Cheifs

Vauxhall - Yes, It's an Astra
Vauxhall exclaim, ‘Yes it’s an Astra’ with this TV ad with the Kaiser Chiefs hit ‘Oh My God’.

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Vauxhall Corsa – Hide and Seek

Music Track: Touch Sensitive

Music Artist: The Fall

Vauxhall Corsa - Hide and Seek
Vauxhall Corsa’s TV ad featuring their Corsa’s playing a giant game of hide and seek became a classic. The

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