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Samsung – Galaxy Tab S4

Music: Golden Age | Artist : Atomic Drum Assembly

Samsung - Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung Introduce the new Galaxy Tab S4 with this short advert. The ad briefly highlights the devices features including expandable memory, desktop configuration and S-Pen. Samsung promote the tablet on…

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Samsung – Galaxy Note9

Music: Thunderclouds | Artist : LSD

Samsung - Galaxy Note9

Samsung Introduce the new super powerful Galaxy Note 9 with S pen, their most powerful battery to date and 1Tb expandable memory giving users the power to “store more and…

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Samsung Galaxy S9 – Sunrise Gold

Music: [TBC] | Artist : [TBC]

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Sunrise Gold

Samsung introduce their new Sunrise Gold edition of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones with this short TV ad showing close-ups of the phone dipping in and out of a Sunrise Gold coloured liquid…

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Samsung Galaxy S9 – Jet Lag

Music: [Specially Recorded] | Artist : HEALTH

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Jet Lag

This advert by Samsung promoting their Galaxy S9 smartphone features a woman suffering from jet lag. Instead of trying to fix her body clock and go to sleep she decides to go out…

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