Apple iPhone 7 Plus – The City

May 25, 2017No Comments

Music Track: Sing To Me (feat. Karen O)

Music Artist: Walter Martin

Apple iPhone 7 Plus - The City
This advert from shows a couple

Apple – Watch Series 2

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Music Track: Freedom

Music Artist: Beyoncé (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Apple - Watch Series 2
This adrenaline pumping advert by Apple promotes their Watch Series 2

Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Take Mine

Feb 08, 2017No Comments

Music Track: Pame Sti Honoloulou

Music Artist: Bezos’ Hawaiian Orchestra

Apple iPhone 7 Plus - Take Mine
Another Iphone 7 advert by Apple, this

Apple iPhone 7 – One Night

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Music Track: Snow Fall

Music Artist: Ahmad Jamal

Apple iPhone 7 - One Night
This advert by Apple features multiple night-time images by various taken

Apple – MacBook Pro – QWERTY

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Music Track: Run (feat. Lady Leshurr)

Music Artist: Tiggs Da Author

Apple - MacBook Pro - QWERTY
With so many new products being launched,

Apple – Watch Series 2

Dec 18, 2016No Comments

Music Track: Various

Music Artist: Various

Apple - Watch Series 2
Apple promote their Watch Series 2 product with these four TV adverts. See below