McDonald’s – Wraps, Bold Move

Jun 27, 20181 Comment

Music: What Ifs + Maybes | Artist : Bromheads Jacket
In this advert by KFC a man takes a 'bold move' by ordering the Fiery Buffalo

McDonald’s Affinity – Hands Ful...

May 17, 2018No Comments

Music: Clair de Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg)| Artist: Clair de LuneMcDonald's Affinity - Hands Full
McDonald's promote their customer service with this

McDonald’s – Breakfast Hen

Apr 17, 2018No Comments

Music: Get Ready | Artist : The TemptationsMcDonald's - Breakfast Hen
This McDonalds advert features a group of girls on a hen party

McDonald’s – Big Mac, First Tim...

Feb 13, 2018No Comments

Music Track: New Sensation

Music Artist: INXS

McDonald's - Big Mac, First Time
McDonald's celebrate 50 years of Big Mac by launching the new Mac

McDonald’s – Happy Dance

Jul 12, 2017No Comments

Music Track: You Make My Dreams

Music Artist: Daryl Hall & John Oates

McDonald's - Happy Dance
This McDonald's advert promotes their Happy Meals by

McDonald’s – Juliet the Doll

Nov 26, 20161 Comment

Music Track: Juliet The Doll (Theme)

Music Artist: Woodwork Music

McDonald's - Juliet the Doll
McDonald's tell the story of Juliet the toy doll who

McDonalds – Summer of Good Times

Aug 28, 2016No Comments

Music Track: Love Natural

Music Artist: Crystal Fighters

McDonalds - Summer of Good Times
This upbeat TV ad from McDonalds features a "Summer of Good

McDonalds – We Are Awake

Mar 31, 2016No Comments

Music Track: The Rythem Of The Night

Music Artist: Arch Birds ft Hattie Webb

McDonald's - We Are Awake
This advert by McDonald's features a