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Seat Ibiza – Beats

Music: La Guitaristic House Organisation | Artist : Rinôçérôse

Seat Ibiza - Beats

Seat invites viewers to “See The World Through Your Ears” with this TV advert promoting Seat Ibiza and Arona BeatsAudio.The music in the advert is called La Guitaristic House Organisation…

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Seat – Tarraco

Music: Rock This Joint (feat. Bella Potchy) | Artist : Yanivi

Seat - Tarraco

Car manufacturer SEAT introduce their new band flagship with the SEAT Terraco. The large SUV features 20″ alloy wheels, rear light, textile alcantara upholstery and digital cockpit. In the advert, Seat claim that “The new SEAT Terraco is proof that we [Seat] are able to play bigger!”

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