Premier Inn

Premier Inn – The Bridesmaid’s ...

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Music Track: Mundian To Bach Ke

Music Artist: Panjabi MC

Premier Inn - The Bridesmaid's Tale
Another Moon and Stars Production Premier Inn advert has

Premier Inn – Pedal Squad

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Music Track: Hate To Say I Told You So

Music Artist: The Hives

Premier Inn - Pedal Squad
This latest advert by Premier Inn called

Premier Inn – The Heat Is on

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Music Track: The Heat Is On

Music Artist: Glen Frey

Premier Inn - The Heat Is OnThis new ad by Premier Inn takes on

Premier Inn – Great Aunt Mabel’...

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Music Track: Iko Iko

Music Artist: Gene Wilder

Premier Inn - Great Aunt Mabel's Birthday
Premier Inn's new TV advert features a family preparing for

Premier Inn – The Presentation

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Music Track: Whip It

Music Artist: Devo

Premier Inn - The Presentation
Continuing their "TV series opening credits" feel, Premier Inn showcase the services of

Premier Inn – Scaffolders

Sep 27, 2016No Comments

Music Track: Danger Zone

Music Artist: Kenny Loggins

Premier Inn - Scaffolders
Premier Inn's latest TV advert features a group of scaffolders in a movie

Premier Inn – Wake Up Wonderful

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Music Track: Wonderful Life

Music Artist: Katie Melua

Premier Inn - Wake Up Wonderful
Featuring various wonderful morning sunrise scenes,