Volkswagen Golf GTI Advert Music – Let Me Do It

This new 2021 Volkswagen GTI advert featuring music by King Floyd shows just how hot the all-new GTI model is. It’s “love at first sight” according to the German car manufacturer.

In the commercial we see a man in his flat wondering why his smart speaker started playing a song while his thermostat temperature goes through the roof. All other manor of electrical devices get “hot” in more ways than one as man’s smart speaker begins to play some funky music.

The actor’s heating system turns itself up and his television turns on a romantic film scene. Meanwhile his toaster and coffee machine all turn themselves on making his apartment resemble the climate of a sauna. The cause of all this madness is revealed as the arrival of a new red Golf GTI on the adjacent street has caused all the fuss.

The music in the 2021 VW Golf advert

Music: Baby Let Me Kiss You | Artist : King Floyd

The music in the 2021 Volkswagen (VW) Golf GTI advert is a song called “Let Me Kiss You” released in 1970 by New Orleans soul singer and songwriter King Floyd. The track with the lyrics “Baby, let me do it, let me do it to you. Let me kiss you, baby” featured on Floyd’s studio album ‘Body English’ released in 1971.

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