Back To School – Stormzy Song promote their back-to-school campaign with this new advert ready for September. The ad depicts everyday lives of school children as a boy finds that the popular back row seat of the bus is free.

The advert shows him in slow-motion walking towards the back of the bus as he proudly compares this moment to being crowned king. The boy’s dreams are quickly dashed however as an older girl takes the seat from him with just one stare. This perhaps shows that the boy got ‘Too big for his boots’.

The music in the Back To School advert

Music: Big For Your Boots | Artist : Stormzy

The music in the Back To School advert is the 2017 song ‘Big For Your Boots’ by English grime rapper Stormzy. The song was released as the lead single from his debut studio album Gang Signs & Prayer and peaked at number six on the UK Singles Chart.

Watch and listen to the full track on Stormzy’s official YouTube video below:

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