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Mazda CX-5 – Drive Inspired

Music: Dreams | Artist : Hayley Reinhart

Mazda CX-5 - Drive Inspired

Mazda promote the inspiration of the CX-5 SUV with this advert. The commerical features a woman and man comforted by the shelter of the rain once sitting in the car.

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Mazda 3 – Smile

Music: Smile | Artist : Nat King Cole

Mazda 3 - Smile

Mazda promote their all-new Mazda 3 with this advert featuring the car driving through a tunnel of water fountains. The car (and it’s driver) is then tested through various different

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Mazda 3 – Sedan Interior

Music: Dreams (cover) | Artist : Haley Reinhart

Mazda 3 - Sedan Interior

This new advert for the Mazda 3 showcases the interior of the sedan as they go for the “less is more” philosophy with materials carefully selected to inspire your drive.The

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