Mazda 3 – Smile

Mazda promote their all-new Mazda 3 with this advert featuring the car driving through a tunnel of water fountains. The car (and it’s driver) is then tested through various different locations from desert roads to mountain roads. The ad says “We don’t just engineer to a spec, we engineer to a feeling”. The Japanese car manufacturer then goes on to say “Every car that leaves our testing facility isn’t only tested for how it responds to the road, but how you respond to it. The commercial’s tagline is ‘Drive Together’.

The music in the advert

Music: Smile | Artist : Nat King Cole

The song in the new Mazda 3 advert is a cover of the 1954 hit “Smile” by American jazz musician Nat King Cole. Featuring the opening line “Smile though your heart is aching”, the song is based on an instrumental piece of music that was written for the 1936 Charlie Chaplin movie Modern Times. The cover version in the advert is not available to download. The original Nat King Cole version however is…

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