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Audi – Clowns

Music Track: Send In The Clowns

Music Artist: Lisa Hannigan & David Kosten

Audi - Clowns
This advert by Audi featuring clowns wreaking havoc on the streets illustrates how Audi’s safety features keep

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Audi Q5 – React

Music Track: If I Only Had a Brain (Wizard of Oz cover)

Music Artist: Faultline

Audi Q5 - React
Audi promote the intuitive technology on their Audi Q5 such as adaptive cruise control

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Audi A5 – Pure Imagination

Music Track: Pure Imagination

Music Artist: Gene Wilder

Audi A5 - Pure Imagination
This advert by Audi features a visually pleasing journey through a world of pure imagination. The music is the unmistakable

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Audi Sport – Going Home

Music Track: Homeward Bound (Cover)

Music Artist: Gina Kushka

Audi Sport - Going Home
Showcasing the R8 Spyder and TT RS models, Audi have launched this TV advert featuring various model’s of Audi’s

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Audi Sport 2016 – R8 Spin

Music Track: The Windmills Of Your Mind

Music Artist: Dusty Springfield

Audi Sport 2016 - R8 Spin
Audi’s 2016 advert for the R8 features the car creating doughnuts

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