Northern Rail advert Music – Go do your work thing

Rail operator Northern have released this new advert titled “Do your work thing” which invites people in the North of the country to choose Northern trains.

The 30-second ad suggests that their service is a more reliable, safe and comfortable option of travel while you go about your business.

The music in the Northern Rail advert advert

Music: Do Your Thing | Artist : Basement Jaxx

The music in the Northern trains advert is a song called “Do Your Thing” by English electro-music duo Basement Jaxx. This song also featured in a recent advert by Dunn Elm.

‘Do Your Thing’ first surfaced on the band’s second studio album “Rooty” in 2001. The single was then later released as a 12″ Limited Edition vinyl in 2002.

Listen to the full track on this official YouTube video:

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