Macmillan Cancer Support advert music – Whatever it Takes

This moving 2-minute Macmillan Cancer Support advert shows how cancer impacts both those living with the diagnosis as well as their family and friends. The ad also highlights the supportive role of Macmillian staff and how even they are affected sometimes.

The film is quite difficult to watch as it directly shows the emotional and challenging situations that cancer can bring on people’s lives.

The music in the advert

Music: Spring 1 | Artist : Max Richter, Daniel Hope and Konzerthaus

The music in the 2021 Macmillan Cancer Support advert is a recomposed classical piece of music called “Spring 1” by Max Richter. The peiece is performed by the Violinist Daniel Hope, the Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin symphony orchestra and conducted by Andr√© de Ridder.

The voilin music heard in the advert is an excerpt from recomposition and reinterpretation of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Released in 2012.

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