Lexus NX Feel More in Every Moment – Advert Music

Here’s the new Lexus NX advert showcasing their all-new hybrid Plug-In and Self-Charging SUV. The ad is set on the open rural road where we see a man enjoying the drive and listening to “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer.

The ad concludes with the tagline “Feel More In Every Moment.”

The music in the Lexus NX Feel More in Every Moment advert

Music: I Feel Love | Artist : Donna Summer

The music in the Lexus NX advert is the dance hit “I Feel Love” recorded in 1977 by American singer, songwriter and actress Donna Summer.

The song has featured in a couple of TV adverts lately including the M&S Denim affair ad and the Amazon Alexa Opera commercial.

I Feel Love was recorded for Summer’s fifth studio album, I Remember Yesterday however the single was released just before the album as the B-side to the single “Can’t We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over).” before the B-side was re-released as a single in it’s own right.

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