Homebase Gary the Tortoise – 2021 Advert Music

Homebase have re-released this advert for 2021 featuring Gary the Tortoise who reminds us to “Grow a Whole New Room” for the summer. The song may sound familiar as the theme tune to Black Beauty.

The advert begins with a family enjoying a bar-b-q and tending to their back garden ready for the summer days and nights.

Gary the tortoise is seen slowly creeping out in to the sunshine from the house. On feeling the warm sunshine, he smiles and suddenly gets a boost of enthusiasm. The tortoise leaps in to the air towards the grass jumping over a wheel barrow and landing perfectly. The woman then says “Oh, Gary’s out”. A voice-over then says “”At Homebase, we have everything you need to grow a whole new room”.

The music in the Homebase Gary the Tortoise advert

Music: Galloping Home | Artist : Denis King

The music in the Homebase Tortoise advert is the song “Galloping Home” which was written by English composer Denis King in the early 1970’s. The song became famous as the theme tune for the British television series The Adventures of Black Beauty which originally aired between 1972 to 1974.

Galloping Home won an Ivor Novello Best Theme Tune Award in 1973. This instantly recognisable tune has been used in many other shows including Absolutely Fabulous, The Goodies and I’m Alan Partridge.

To date, Denis King has created themes and incidental music for over two hundred television series including Within These Walls, If It Moves File It, Dick Turpin, Two’s Company, Lovejoy, We’ll Meet Again and Hannay.

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