2021 TUI Advert Music – Dreaming of a Holiday

If you’re looking for the new 2021 TUI “Live Happy” advert, click here

This new 2021 TUI Advert titled ‘Dreaming of a holiday’ features some Caribbean music by The Kaiso Brigade.

In the commercial a voice over says”If you’re dreaming of a holiday, we’re looking forward to making it real. We see wannabe holiday makers recreating the holiday of their dreams at home during lockdown.

From sitting in front of your TV displaying an idyllic sunbathed beach scene to some inventive ideas to recreate a more adventurous holiday, there’s definately some creative, fun ideas in this ad!

The music in the 2021 TUI advert

Music: Everybody Feeling Fine | Artist : The Kaiso Brigade

The music in the 2021 TUI advert is a song called ‘Everybody Feeling Fine’ released last year by a band called The Kaiso Brigade. The song is taken from their album ‘Caribbean Jukebox’ which features a variety of Caribbean songs from laid-back calypso and reggae to fast-paced soca and party tunes .

Kaiso is a type of music popular in Trinidad and Tobago, and other countries, especially of the Caribbean. So this music suits the commercial perfectly.

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