Missguided Advert Music – Turn it up a level

This new TV advert by Missguided features music from a classic eighties dance track. The commercial invites viewers to “Turn it up a level” as the multi-channel retailer promotes their new range for 2020. The advert features various models showcasing lace bodysuits, mini dresses and blazers. To the sound of dance song ‘Pump Up The Jam’, the commercial suggests their clothing shows “more confidence, more attitude, more looks, more fashion, more now.” This campaign is slightly less “hot” than the retailer’s “We’ve Got You Covered, Kind Of” commercial last year.

The music in the advert

Music: Pump Up The Jam | Artist : Technotronic

The music in this Missguided advert is the dance, hip-house track “Pump Up The Jam” released in 1989 by Belgian electro-dance project Technotronic. The song was an immediate worldwide hit reaching number two in both the UK Singles Chart and US Billboard Hot 100. The song also peaked at number 1 in Belgium, Iceland, Portugal and Spain. “Pump Up The Jam” was the opening track on Technotronic’s debut album “Pump Up the Jam: The Album”.

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