Diesel – Enjoy before returning

This new advertising campaign from Diesel called “Enjoy Before Returning” for their Autumn-Winter 2019 collection promotes their “wardrobing” service.

The commercial features a voiceover who simply recites the Italian retail clothing company’s returns policy throughout the whole advert to the backdrop of some rock music.

This increasing popular trend called “Wardrobing” involves renting one or more items of clothing, using it for an evening and then returning it. Diesel seem to have embraced this new and daunting concept for brands which is ultimately extremely convenient to consumers.

The music in the advert

Music: **Commissioned** | Artist : **Commissioned**

It probably goes without saying that the music in the Diesel Enjoy Before Returning advert was made especially for the ad. The track simply involves a man’s voice reciting Diesel’s returns policy for this service. The voiceover is accompanied by some music which is unrecognised and very likely made for the ad.