Jackpotjoy – Winning Hugs

This cheerful advert by Jackpotjoy features various people learning of their winnings from the online money slot service. Their elation is expressed through hugging.

Starring English comedy actor Paddy McGuinness, the commercial features an excited women giving him a big hug on a train station just after the comedian says “There’s a winner every minute on Jackpotjoy”. The ad continues with more people finding out that they have won. People all kinds of different places including a fish and chip shop, on a bus, and at the gym. People are seen hugging anything and everything from friends to blow-up dolls and even a huge dog.

The music in the advert

Music: HoldMe, Thrill Me, Kiss Me | Artist: Mel Carter

The music in the Jackpotjoy advert is a song written by Harry Noble and originally performed by Karen Chandler in 1952. The track has been re-recorded a few times with the most notable version being performed by American singer and actor Mel Carter in 1965. It is this version that we hear this advert. The track spent 15 weeks on the US Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number eight.

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