Heathrow – Christmas 2018 Ad Video

The Heathrow Christmas ad video is here with the return of the bears. Here is the video to enjoy arguably one of the best Christmas ads for 2018 so far.

The ad shows the bears at home trying their best to enjoy Christmas while away rest of their family. The Christmas Tree falls over and the internet doesn’t work while trying to say hi to the family from afar. The decide to pack and jet off to meet them in person. The tagline is “Making It Home Makes It Christmas”.

The music in the 2018 Heathrow advert

Music: Everytime You Go Away | Artist: Paul Young

The music in the advert is the 1985 hit Everytime You Go Away by Englisher singer-songwriter Paul Young. The song was written by American rock singer Daryl Hall and first recorded in 1980 by the American duo Hall & Oates.

This version however was never released as a single. The song never became an international hit until 1985 when Paul Young’s version was recorded.

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