Boots – Christmas 2018 #GiftsThatGetThem

This Boots Christmas 2018 advert says to celebrate your loved ones for who they really are. The message is “Get them something that says… you get them” using the hashtag #GiftsThatGetThem. The ad follows the story of a mother and daughter where the daughter is surprised by how good her mum’s singing is. She buys some Boots No7 lipstick for Christmas for her with a note saying “Keep Singing x”.

The music in the advert

Music: She’s The One (Cover) | Artist: Robbie Williams

The music in the advert is a re-tweaked cover of the 1998 hit She’s The One by Robbie Williams. The lyrics have been changed to say “She’s Me Mum”. The version in the ad is not commercially available, however Robbie Williams’ version is of course.

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