Aunt Bessie’s – Bring Out The Bessie In You

This TV ad by Aunt Bessies shows a man coming home from work who then brings out his inner Bessie. He takes his coat off, runs, ride’s a bike then a horse on his journey home to cook dinner. The advert’s tagline is “Bring Out The Bessie In You”.

The music in the advert

Music: BBC Grandstand Theme | Artist: Keith Mansfield

The distinctive music in the advert is the theme tune to the British television sport programme BBC Grandstand written by Keith Mansfield. Grandstand first aired in 1958 and continued until 2007 making it one of BBC’s longest running sports shows. The original Grandstand theme was “News Scoop” by Len Stevens. Mansfields theme was used from 1975 and remained the show’s theme until the last episode.

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