Amazon Echo Dot – Dad’s Favourite Song

This Amazon Echo Dot ad shows how the smart speaker assistant helps a college girl feel connected with the those that matter to her the most. She plays her Dad’s favourite song (more details below).

The music in the advert

Music: Ooh La La | Artist: Faces

The music played in the Echo Dot advert is the 1973 song Ooh La La by English rock band Faces. It was the title track for the band’s last studio album of the same name.

Download track on iTunes   Download track on Amazon Music

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Annie Emslie
Annie Emslie
2 years ago

I hate this advert…It suggests that the new student is feeling homesick but doesn’t show her moving on. Another student should knock at her door and suggest some way that the music connects them. Being a new student should be about making a new start and finding your place in the wider world because of the wonderful upbringing you have had. It should not be about being sad for what you have left behind.