– Confusion to clarity

James Cordon is no more but the Mercedes is in the latest advert for insurance provider as Timothy Murphy is driving through a congested street of “confusion”. The street is a metaphor for the confusing world of car insurance. Their website can leads drivers from confusing chaos to clarity the advert claims.

The music in the advert

Music 1: Rumble | Artist 1 : Link Wray
Music 2: Forever Dolphin Love | Artist 2 : Connan Mockasin

The music during the ‘confusion’ scene is the 2011 track called Forever Dolphin Love by New Zealand singer-songwriter Connan Mockasin (real name Connan Tant Hosford). The second piece of music during the ‘clarity’ scene in the ad is the 1958 instrumental Rumble by American rock and roll guitarist and singer-songwriter Link Wray. Both tracks are available to download.

Rumble – Link Wray

Download track on iTunes  Download track on Amazon Music

Forever Dolphin Love – Connan Mockasin

Download track on iTunes  Download track on Amazon Music

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