Deliveroo – Eat more amazing

This advert by Deliveroo with the tagline “amazing food, delivered” features giant portions of food delivering themselves to their respective hungry buyers who ordered their food via the online takeaway food ordering service.

The music in the advert

Track: All I Have To Do Is Dream | Artist: The Everly Brothers

The music in the ad is the 1958 hit All I Have To Do Is Dream performed by the Everly Brothers. The song was written by Boudleaux Bryant.

There were various versions released afterwards by artists such as Roy Orbison, Richard Chamberlain, Bob Dylan, Andy Gibb and R.E.M however, the Everly Brothers duet version was by far the most popular. It was the only single ever to be at No. 1 on all of Billboard’ singles charts simultaneously.

The song can be downloaded from the Amazon Music below.

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