Kellogg’s Special K – #Powering You

Music Track: Write My Story

Music Artist: Olly Anna

This advert by Kellogg’s Special K with the tagline ”everything we are made of powers everything you are made of” promoting the advantages of their cereal for women. The ad highlights ingredients made with folic acid, VitD, Iron, Protein, B3, B6.

The music in the advert

The music in the Kellogg’s Special K advert is a 2017 track called “Write My Story” by Nashville-based indie rapper/singer Olly Anna. The song features the lyrics “I’m the only one that can write my story. Imma do it like this, do it like that. Do it like this, then’;; do it like that. I’m gonna make it good”. The track is now also available as the lead song of Olly Anna’s studio album ‘Rebel Chick’ released in 2018.

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