Heinz Tomato Ketchup – Weiner Stampede

Music Track: Without You

Music Artist: Harry Nilsson

Originally made famous during the 2016 Superbowl, the Heinz Ketchup stampede advert has come to the UK. Featuring sausage dogs of all shapes and sizes running towards a eagerly waiting group of people dressed up as Heinz ketchup bottles. The music in the advert is Without You by Harry Nilsson. This track was originally recorded by Badfinger in 1970 and appeared on their second album, No Dice. Badfinger members Peter Ham and Tom Evans wrote the track. Ham had written a song called “Is This Love?,” but wasn’t happy with the chorus. Evans came up with the “I cant’ live if living is without you” chorus, but had no verses for it, so they put the two songs together as one. The track was later famously covered by Mariah Carey in 1994.

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